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As I talk to fellow dog owners in my area and correspond with others over the Internet, I often wish that I had a good set of notes on various subjects. A web site is the obvious place to keep these notes. And I might as well add a few pictures so that my correspondents can get to know me and my pack.

I trained my Yorkie and my first Chow in a formal obedience environment for about six years. I enjoyed watching my fellow participants and discussing finer points with the instructors and advanced handlers. I have worked with trainers who only use collar corrections, trainers who only use food, and trainers who use a mix of techniques. I have done some agility work with my Yorkie.

Both dogs passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and my Yorkie has earned the AKC Companion Dog title. My dogs and I join with other dogs from Greenbelt Dog Training as we visit rest homes, childrens' hospitals, and elementary schools. We also participate in the Greenbelt Dog Training Drill Team.

I particularly enjoy reading about what makes a dog "tick." Still, none of this makes me an expert and my opinions are only worth anything if they suit you and your dog.
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